(P)ersonal : (P) rojects

My personal Projects : an overview about my works(more details in the sliding menu) that were exposed from 2013-2016

  • SS131 Gallery Mutuo /Barcelona
  • Rosa Fascismo: Opening at Universidad Barcelona then in Bologna/Milano/Bilbao
  • Stocked in the Dark: Galeria Anaglifos/ Barcelona & PR21 Gallery in Budapest
  • Roots: Espai Txema Bio-Built /Barcelona
  • Rosso Franchismo


Rosso Franchismo

Rosso Plaza Kio lowRosso Ministero lowRosso lago lowRosso la Casa Rossa lowRosso Edifio España lowrosso Croce lowRosso Casa del aire lowhidden low



Stocked in The Dark

Rosa Fascismo




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